Fr Eng

Teaching method

Learners listen and reproduce

the French sounds.

They gradually acquire

the language with great ease.

We aim at teaching everyday authentic French where everyone is engaged and stimulated in a relaxed way. Our approach developed through natural language activities enables each learner to make rapid progress in French.

Speak and sing in French

Classes designed for 3 to 11 year olds
Duration 45 minutes

At Alouette we strongly believe that learning a language young, between the ages of 3 and 11 years old, is the best period for a child to develop the right intonation and an excellent accent.

Through French traditional songs and educational games, children grow accustomed to using appropriate vocabulary and learning colours and numbers according to the daily topic. They are able to recognise and speak in French about their daily routine, places where they go, animals and musical instruments they like, etc.

Private tuition

One to one tuition or small group
Duration 1 hour or more

Our method aims at teaching French to children and adults from beginners to advanced level. No matter what age you are, we teach French grammar and vocabulary enabling you to speak and write accurate French with confidence.